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One of the greatest perks of becoming an entrepreneur, is having the freedom to choose your own schedule and how you’d like your day to go: the power to control your destiny. Fi Mathewson is the perfect example of a woman who lives that life! Starting her journey off in the army, she has transitioned herself effortlessly into a lifestyle that allows her to live her life without limits, while encouraging others to do the same. But how did she get here? Let’s dive into her story, shall we..?

Over a decade ago, Fi found herself in the Army at the age of 17, where she fell in love with the man of her dreams. As fate would have it, they both joined the army around the same time and married soon enough. Seven years later, after spending nearly half of her time in the Army studying law, Fi decided to make use of her degree and found a great job at a law firm. But it didn’t take long for her to realize that the intense energy and challenges that environment brought into her own life, wasn’t worth being traded in for  any amount of money or time.




Coming to terms with the idea that time is far more important and valuable than anything in this world, things were put into even greater perspective for Fi a couple of years ago, when she and her husband, gave birth to their first child. Fi began to dwell on the truth she always knew; the best thing in life that you can ever share with someone is TIME. Which is why Fi went on to team up with the health and wellness brand, Zija, starting her own business and regaining control of her time. Fi has great respect for all things natural, and living a holistic lifestyle, so what better company to team up with than this one?


What is Zija?

Zija is a company that prides itself on being an innovative leader in the health industry, and assisting everyone it touches to live an active and full life. Staying true to their slogan, Life Unlimited, Zija allows customers and distributors a chance to not only LIVE a better life, but also the TIME to actually experience it. Offering liquid nutritionals (including a weight management system), 100% clean fitness supplements, as well as skin care products and a clinical grade range of essential oils, this company covers it all.




I had a chance to interview the woman living the life so many wish to one day achieve, and here’s what Fi had to say…


Tell us about yourself – how did you get started and what led you to this point?

I’ve got a husband who I met when we both joined the Army, about 16 years ago now,  so we’ve been together a long time. But between Army, uni, long hours in a law firm, and more recently FIFO (fly-in- fly-out) mining life, we’ve also spent a lot of time apart. For a long time I desensitized myself to the separations but, things DID change for me a couple of years ago when we welcomed our daughter into the world, because I realized immediately that even with all the money in the world, the most precious gift that I can give her is my time.

I have always found it funny that we refer to time as this “free” commodity – because it’s not at. AT ALL. You can’t own it. You can’t keep it. And when it’s gone, you can’t get it back. I know this, because when I was serving my first overseas deployment my dad died suddenly in a horrible accident. I knew as soon as that happened, that I hadn’t spent as much time with him that year preceding that as what I should have. Because I was so wrapped up in “my life” and the whole “army thing”, I just didn’t make it a priority. So I regret that. A lot. BUT…… they say you should never have regrets, only lessons.

And so my lesson was… that if I ever had children of my own, my #1 priority would be to spend as much time as possible with them. So, here I am now, and it’s really quite simple for me. I’m not where I want to be. It’s not the money. The money I am able to earn here is beyond my wildest dreams, but it’s not everything. It’s not even the products. I have always been a huge advocate of natural products, and even though the products have literally changed the way we live, it just makes sense when you look at the people and research behind them.

For me, it’s time. I still wasn’t giving my daughter the one thing I promised myself I would – maximum time with her parents. I can be at home, which is all well and good. But we have properties and expenses, and so my husband has to work. And he’s away half the year… to provide for the family that he can’t even be with half the year. So I know, that if I keep doing what I’m doing now, we will keep earning our 6-figure incomes and our life will be comfortable. But in 2-5 years it won’t be all that different from a time perspective.

So by a random act I came across this opportunity and (thankfully) open my usually skeptical / analytical / institutionalised / closed mind and took a look. Partnership with this company is realistically, as close as we are ever going to get to being a healthy, happy, active, full-time family while we’re still in our 30’s! And in less than 6 months some of our dreams of financial and time freedom are already starting to be realized.

How would you explain your brand to a stranger that you run into walking down the street?

We have access to THE most nutrient rich plant EVER discovered on earth, and based on the highest scientific research, produce it as a natural nutritional supplement. Nothing else in your diet has to change, but this ONE drink bridges all your nutritional gaps – gaps we ALL have no matter how naturally and “close to the source” we are eating.

What led you to partnership with Zija International?

From a product perspective: I wanted to align myself with products that were 100% natural, with credible scientific backing (including a Harvard graduate, first in his class). From a company perspective: I wanted the founder of the company to be ethical, highly regarded within the industry, and have a proven and documented record of success. From a financial perspective: their Compensation Plan is second to none.

Aside from your partnership with Zija International, what’s been the hardest part about going into business for yourself?

Acknowledging that some of the people closest to me won’t share my vision, and will occasionally reject it.

How do you go about getting your brand noticed by the right people?

By becoming a “product” of the products and the company itself, and sharing that on social media. Some of the most successful people on my team have followed me on social media and eventually reached out to me based on the fact they resonated with my posts / blogs.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your social life?

My social life has exploded, in the best of ways. I have met incredible life-long friends in countries all across the world, and many in my own city also have young children so we are able to meet up for work and let the children play, all in one.

Balance – how tough is it juggling the heavy workload of an entrepreneur and being married?

I have an incredible husband who is my hugest supporter. There have been a few days where I have considered whether my commitment will be worth it, but he sees what is happening objectively and encourages me to keep on track.

On your hardest days, what keeps you motivated to keep going?

All I have to think about is my husband working away half the year and missing out on time with his daughter. My goal is to retire him within a few years so that it’s his choice when and where he works. In all honesty, it’s hard to stay unmotivated for too long when you get to watch some of your closest friends and team members earn free cars or officially retire themselves 30 years before their retirement age – all because of this business!!

Looking back, what was one of your toughest moments that you can truly appreciate now?

When someone very close to me told me this opportunity wasn’t for them. I was so hurt initially, but I realized that I wanted things for that person, more than they wanted them for themselves. If I had of forced that it wouldn’t have benefited either of us.

What makes you so unafraid and open about sharing your journey with others?

Vulnerability is how people relate to one another. We are so caught up worrying about what other people think of us, we sometimes lose touch with who we are in the process. Every day I try to be as authentic to myself and my values as possible.

Why do you feel it’s important to Own your Own and go after what you want in life?

No-one else is going to go after my dreams for me, because if they were they would have already. I am the only person capable and responsible for re-directing the course of my future.

If you could only describe your brand using 3 words, what would they be?

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As for events, you can catch Fi at the 2016 Zija Summit, happening in September in Salt Lake City, Utah. There they will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary by showcasing the many reasons why Zija is such an incredible company to partner with.

Can’t get enough of Fi’s world already??

Check out her website to learn more about her brand, her mission and see what she’s up to!

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