Jayla Darden Is Ready To Test The Waters With New Single, ‘Trial & Error’

Trial_Error- Jayla Darden


18-year-old rising star Jayla Darden is back and turning more heads with her latest single, Trial & Error. After revealing a musical gift for listeners earlier this year on her birthday, Miss Darden instantly became one of my favorite and most underrated upcoming artists that I’ve come across in a while. And after listening to her new track, I just consider this icing on the cake. As she sings, “I can’t call you mine, but I sure wouldn’t mind, oh no…,” she talks about the interest that she has in her new potential boo, and how she wouldn’t mind being with that person. She has her eye on the prize, but all it takes of course, is a little trial and error.




 This is Jayla’s latest single since her ‘118’ EP dropped back in January 2016, and a sure sign that this young woman is ready to take her career to the next level, both vocally and presentation wise. Prod By Henny Tha Bizness, the melodic, mid-tempo track backed by a strong beat makes her latest creation perfect for any mood. Whether you’re on your way to the club or just singing around the house, I guarantee this song is about to end up on your playlist!


Before I go the extra mile, 

Only right we test you out

Before I say ‘I’m all in’ and tell you that I’ve fallen

I think we should…

Become a little closer, get to know each other, oh…



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