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When it comes to working day to day and interacting with others, it’s a well-known fact that the first impression you make means absolutely everything. And as much as we sometimes hate to admit it, that includes your appearance. One of the things that I’m extremely obsessive over is my skin, so every time I come across a product worth mentioning, I can’t resist sharing.

PROEXIST skin care is an upcoming skin care line that is 100% homemade and full of incredible benefits for your skin. This line of quality products is based on natural, plant derived ingredients that are free from artificial colors and fragrances.




In most recent years, these products have been carried exclusively by physicians and are now being introduced to the public. I had the opportunity to speak with the founder of the company now known as PROEXIST, Lorraine Aceves, and here’s what she had to say about her brand:


What’s the meaning behind the name of your skin care line? Who chose it?

The meaning of our skin care line, PROEXIST, is represented as the way you live. To live free, to live better. The name was a process of trial and error. I wanted to find a name that had meaning. I searched for names, but they were all taken. Then, one day as I was driving in the car with the music blaring, the name exist came to me, and a sensation of butterflies and excitement filled my stomach as I knew this was the perfect name. Exist stands for life and beauty, but the word pro symbolizes one’s greatness. Together PROEXIST means to live a great, beautiful life.

How/when did you all get started?

About six years ago, I was introduced to an amazing scientist, and we started talking about our professions. With me working beside many dermatologists, I started talking about how teens and adults came into our office complaining about how topical medications were putting restrictions on their everyday activities. After talking for a period of time, we conversed over the fact that acne has affected people of all ages. By the end of our conversation, we had planned to meet up in his laboratory to create a cleanser that doesn’t require any down time or put any restrictions on your life. The idea was to create an all-natural cleanser. We worked hand and hand to create such a product, and PROEXIST was born.

What separates your skin care line from other skin care brands?

PROEXIST is created using natural products, no harsh additives, or artificial colorants or preservatives, to give you the most effective product for your skin. Most commercial soaps detergent based. They are created using synthetic materials that are harsh and drying to the skin. All PROEXIST products are 100% hand-made in the USA. This cleanser is non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic, based on natural, plant derived ingredients. It is also free from artificial colors and fragrances, biodegradable and is environmentally friendly, it has no animal content, and is not animal tested.

What’s been the hardest part about going into business for yourself?

The hardest part about going into business for myself, is managing both my family and work lives. Being a mother of three kids with active social and athletic lives, and also working a full-time job, it sometimes gets tough to manage. With time I learned how to manage both, and with the support of my family and friends I was able to push through the tough times and work hard in all areas, and still be there for my family.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your social life?

At the beginning it was hard. The people who I thought were my friends were always discouraging me and bringing my spirits down. After a realization, I knew I couldn’t surround myself with people who didn’t believe in me, so I slowly started to drift away. I then found new friends that believed in everything I do and stand for. They share the same goals that I do and they motivate, and give me the drive to push and work hard on my craft.

On your hardest days, what or who keeps you motivated to keep going?

All in all, the thing that keeps me motivated to push through the tough times is my family. They are the biggest of our supporters, and everything that I do is for them. When we had troubling thoughts of shutting down our business. My family was there giving words of encouragement, so that we wouldn’t give up on our dreams. Strangely enough, that week we kept getting random phone calls from our customers. They were giving us positive feedback on our product, and how it changed their lives.

Are there any people that you would like to thank specifically?

A special thanks goes to my amazing team Oscar, Jeremy, and Matt. It has been a little stressful this year and I love the fact that we didn’t give up. Let’s continue to motivate, inspire, and push each other further. The sky’s the limit!

Why do you feel it’s important to own your own?

I want to set an example not only for myself, but for my children. I want to show them that believing yourself, and putting faith into something gives you a different perspective to never stop following your dreams. If you want something done, do it yourself. I have learned that life is full of opportunities and if it is presented to you, take it and run with it.

If you had one piece of advice for fellow entrepreneurs, what would it be?

If I had any advice to give to a fellow entrepreneur, it would be not to visualize your dream small, think big. Also, make sure that you start your business with a solid foundation and with everything in check. Research not only your product, but competitors as well. Get all the paperwork done, so that way you are prepared for anything to happen. One mistake that I learned from, was to make sure you trademark your logo and your brand name. Because one day if your company blows up, and you don’t have the necessities down, it will come back to haunt you. So think big, work hard, and never give up!

If you could only describe PROEXIST using three words, what would they be?

If I could describe PROEXIST in three words I would use life, prosperity, and confidence.

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The PROEXIST team members pride themselves on promoting healthy, vibrant skin and have products highly recommended by dermatologists, make-up artists, and estheticians. Using quality ingredients and advanced techniques, PROEXIST creates products fit for every customer! Ron Artest, better known as Metta World Peace of the Los Angeles Lakers, is a proud user of the PROEXIST brand. In fact, he’s so confident in these products that he represented the brand along with the co-founder, Lorraine at FitCon, this past May 14th-15th at the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, Ca. In addition to that, Henry Schein, one of the largest worldwide medical distribution companies, introduced PROEXIST at the American Academy of Dermatology in Washington, D.C on March 4th-8th at the Walture E. Washington Convention Center.

As for upcoming events? While celebrating a new beginning and the launch of her new and improved brand, on July 9th Lorraine and her team will be launching PROEXIST at the Coach Woodson Celebrity Golf Tournament in Las Vegas. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by, grab some skin pampering products, and support!



Skin is important year round, but we all know how hard it is dealing with acne during the warmer seasons. Summer is here, so the best time to start working on that natural glow and amazing skin is now! We all have at least one skin care issue that could use more attention and a product to match, so be sure to browse through their website to see which products could possibly solve one of yours. Best of luck on your skin care journey! Here’s to a flawless first impression.


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