A $35K Engagement Ring Stolen By One Night Stand

One man is in deep trouble after his trip to New York City to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend, ended up stolen by a one night stand he brought back to his hotel.

Sounds outrageous right?

Apparently not! The gentleman was staying the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District where it occurred.

In the police report, he stated he had been out shopping for his soon-to-be fiancees engagement ring and found one and purchased it for $35,000.

He ended up going out and apparently brought back a woman to his room and the next morning as the woman left the engagement ring had also disappeared.

The NYPD are looking for a female suspect who ‘removed a diamond engagement ring from the 43-year-old victim’s room inside the Standard Hotel located at 848 Washington Street.’

Below are the stills of the alleged woman with the man.

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