Prince’s Estate Skyrockets After Death vs Michael Jackson’s

You won’t believe how much Prince’s estate is estimated after Zwicker reported that he had 2,000 unreleased songs.

According to the 2015 documentary, “Hunting For Prince’s Vault” journalist Mobeen Azhar was on a mission to uncover former Prince’s sound engineers which had 2,000 unreleased songs.

With this in mind, his estate is estimated to be $434 million which includes his body of work, name, image and likeness.

What’s sad is Michael Jackson’s estate which is valued at $2,105 dollars. Yes, two thousand one hundred and five dollars.

“Prince had significantly less baggage than Michael Jackson,” Zwicker said. “Projections at this moment would be liquid and speculative, and it’s hard to say how long Prince will stay in vogue, but [there’s] a lot of value.”