There’s A Private Sex Island for Those Who Want To Cheat

Move over AshleyMadison. We got a new affair website in the mix and they have an island! Want to Cheat? Here’s how to beat getting caught.

The website is aimed at married individuals who are looking to have an affair. They have officially bought an island that also provides room and board for it’s members.

When it comes to discreet play, has gone to the extreme to protect the identity of it’s members from having a private helicopter to the island. They even go as far to help their members by making sure there are no receipts for trains, buses and mileage on your car’s odometer and even blindfolding people so the island’s location remains a secret with non-disclosure agreements will be issued.

Their spokesperson Christian Grant even goes as far to aide advice for it’s members, “All you need to do is sneak out for a ‘business trip’ and the rest is taken care of, for you.”


Having been a hoe myself, I can see the need for this. Especially being since I am the side-hoe, lawd knows my mens that I’ve been with would love this. – QueenKongie



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