Teen Mom 2 Premiere & LIVE Aftershow with Nessa

Teen Mom 2 Premiered with a double whammy.

Teen Mom 2 season 7 returns with Leah, Chelsea, Jenelle and Kailyn. This time the drama heats up and in a new chapter the women have new struggles with their baby-daddy’s and being a full-time mother.

Jenelle takes it up another notch at drama and this time it’s for throwing water at her ex-fiance’s new girlfriend which she may be facing jail time for it.

Chelsea and her boo are now engaged and as they embark on their new journey towards getting married, her ex Adam wants to change up the custody agreement but viewers are left to wonder if this could be it’s because she’s engaged and he feels he may be replaced.

As for Leah, after her recent stint at rehab she has been having a difficult time and her baby-daddy have been dealing with their daughter’s health concerns. They sought out a specialist and they were told she has muscular dystrophy which will affect her for the rest of her life.

Kailyn seems to be holding her tongue with Javi as they get ready for a photo-shoot with her ex and Jo and he is nowhere to be found. Even after trying to invite him to dinner after the shoot he declines and wants to return their son home. Which is quite awkward leaving us as viewers trying to figure out what is Javi’s motives. However, we soon find out it’s because he is leaving back on tour for the army and that may be a reason why.

Right after the season seven premiere Nessa hosted the live after-show with the four ladies and they jump right into it as we discuss rumors of Jenelle’s all-night partying that apparently halted filming.

Jenelle did say she didn’t feel well and it was due to something else but she’s making an effort to continue to film.

Nessa then asked the ladies what should we expect from this season and well, things are turning for some good and others not so much.

In a viewer twitter poll, Leah’s relationship with her baby-daddy Corey were voted the most complicated.

Catch Teen Mom 2 airing every Monday at 10pm on MTV.

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