Are Your Daily Habits And Circle Blocking Your Win?



If there’s one thing I’ve learned to accept on my path to becoming a full time entrepreneur, it’s that your circle will change constantly. Whether you like it or not, people you could once relate to become strangers and the way you used to think and act becomes foreign.

As much it hurts, the only way to grow is to constantly be open to letting go. Easier said than done, moving on from situations, people and memories usually becomes a drawn out process because it’s our human nature to avoid letting go of the people and experiences we once knew. Which only makes sense, as most of our decisions in life are based off of emotion.

So how do we get ahead when we’re naturally built around emotion??
The first step is to genuinely desire change. Over the past year, I’ve made it a goal to try my best to be open to change and letting things go. This goal was immediately fueled by my need for more out of life as a whole. But I had to ask myself: Do I want to grow or simply exist like 90%of the world today? Of course it’s still hard, but saying I’ve grow so much during this process is an understatement. As a result, I’ve been able to focus more and even meet people who understand my goals better than toxic loved ones that I’ve known for years. And that’s honestly what matters the most to me right now – Understanding and Unlimited Growth.
It obviously hurts to let go, but once you begin to reap the benefits of your choices, you’ll begin to crave change because you know what you’ll gain from it. Yes, I’ve lost a lot of relationships with friends and even family, but the love will always still be there no matter what. And seeing the lack of progression in most of those people is always confirmation that I made the right decision. All of my goals right now are solely focused on getting better. And to be honest, I’ve known for years that I couldn’t get better entertaining certain friends, family members ,and loved ones. It was just mentally easier to remain content and not have to deal with letting things and people go because I’m human and I’ll always get emotionally attached. But I had to stop and ask myself if these things were worth staying stagnant for, and my final answer was no.
So today, I’d like to encourage you all to spend 5-10 minutes thinking outside the box and evaluating your circles and current situation. If you want growth bad enough, you’ll make the right changes.

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Question Everyday Habits:

  • What are you doing in your spare time?
  • Is your daily routine focused around your goals?
  • Is your current routine getting you any closer to your where you’d like to be?
  • What’s one thing that stopped you from meeting your a past goal that you’ve had??
  • How can you improve your daily routine?

Evaluate Your Circle:

  • Who are you spending the most time with?
  • At the pace that they’re going, where do you see them 5 years from now?
  • Are they helping you grow?
  • Do they challenge you to do better?
  • Who’s one person that you can reach out to for help?

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