Underlash & Esther Perbandt at LAFW

This past weekend, Team Nessa got to attend a couple of shows at this season’s LAFW. We were obsessed with the Underlash show and the Esther Perbandt show.

Underlash is an LA-based activewear, designed by Anika Perkins, that will add edge and fierceness to your workout! The sportyluxe apparel blends polyester and spandex to give it that au naturale compressed skin feel – but with the design of mesh cutouts, to add a bold flavor to your look.

Underlash’s price point is a little bit on the higher end. This is probably more for those of you who are really bout that workout life. Then again, if a couple of extra dollars will keep you motivated to work on that summer bod, by all means… more power to ya! Here’s a few looks that we were dying over!

The second show that we got to catch was Esther Perbandtan avante garde unisex brand hailing from Berlin. Absolutely loved this brand’s twist on genderless fashion, as it is becoming a lot more popular in the U.S. This brand is definitely more for those of you that are uber fashion-forward!

Looking forward to LAFW growing into a bigger, 2.0 version of NYFW! It definitely hard to match up to the original fashion weeks, but it’s good to see that LA is putting its stamp on the scene!

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