Spring is Here Time to Get Fit!

Spring is here and it’s time to get fit, fit, fit!

One of the best ways to begin a workout is to get your heart rate up and this squat variation will do that and will help you maintain a healthy heart and butt!

Thanks so much to Popsugar Fitness for this! Now, I HAVE to get my booty in tip top shape!

  • Start at the left edge of your mat and take a big step to the right, moving through a low, wide squat, sweeping the mat with your left hand.
  • Bring your left foot to your right, coming into a narrow squat. Jump straight into the air and “take a shot” with your right hand. Don’t forget to follow through by straightening your elbow and flicking your wrist as if you were shooting a basketball.
  • Land softly with your feet parallel. Keeping your knees bent, step the left leg wide to the side to repeat the entire sequence on the other side. The side-to-side movement should be fluid and controlled.
  • Continue to take jump shots for 30 to 60 seconds.



Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography


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