Kevin Gates Reveals Advice From Monica & How His Wife Saved His Life!

Kevin Gates came through Hot 97 and had a good conversation about life, how his wife changed his life, and his brand new music with Nessa.

He especially spoke about how his wife helped save him from some very bad situations.

“That’s my best friend,” he said. “I wouldn’t be where i’m at right now if it wasn’t for this woman. I’d either be locked out or probably dead. Every time I didn’t listen to her, something f***ed up happened to me.”

Gates also gave his opinion on why men would decided to cheat.

“If i’m not happy,” he said. “Baby were going to have to figure something out. We got to sit down and talk because I’m going to tell you ‘bae I’m not happy.’ I’ve told a lot of women that.” 

His album Islah is available now. 

Check out the interview below.


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