Keke Palmer on Kissing Cassie, Dating Girls, Depression & ‘Enemiez’!

KeKe Palmer came to hang out with Nessa and a discussed an array of topics about her music, acting, love, and some of the tribulations she’s gone through during her rise to fame.
Palmer discussed not limiting herself to just one platform, and doing everything that she wanted to do, and the message she wants to give every woman, and person out there.

“Look ya’ll I’m not a special person,” she said. “I’m not no crazy, different type of individual. I’m just believing in myself. On any scale I want to express that creativity, I’m going to do it whether you’re expecting it or not.”

KeKe also spoke about the infamous kiss that went viral off from her last video “I Don’t Belong To You,” and asked about her sexuality. When Nessa asked if she would date a girl she responded.

“Absolutely,” she said. “Where love is, that’s where I’m going. That’s what I’m about. It’s not about all that other stuff. It’s just about love. So if that’s a girl, great. If that’s a guy, great. It doesn’t really matter to me.”

If you’re looking to get the multi-talented KeKe’s attention, she listed exactly what she wants in a man.

Check out her latest video “Enemiez” featuring Jeremih after the interview below.

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