Latest Hair Trend of 2016

Hair Trend 2016

It’s about that time of the year, again, where we start itching to change up our hair. That time where you feel like you want to change something… but you’re not quite sure what you feel like changing. Easy cure? A fresh, new do. We’ve got the scoop on 2016’s latest hair trend, and it might be what you need to turn up 2016!

Last year, we were introduced to a hairstyle called the lob, a long bob. Absolutely loved it! This season, hairdressers are adding a little spice to their client’s hairstyles by adding an asymmetric touch to it. A few celebs that we’ve seen the new style on include Khloe Kardashian, Kerry Washington, and Jourdan Dunn!

The new asymmetric lob is a refined, edgy hairstyle that can be played up or down. Maintenance is super lowkey and easy. Hop out the shower and add a little texturizing spray and rock that beach babe look… Or, add a few subtle waves with a curling wand for that extra glam.  I just recently chopped my lob into an asymmetric a-line, and I feel bold as ever. I fully approve of this new look! For more hair inspo, check out the photos below!

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