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There’s never a bad time of year to get back into shape! So why not do it in something that will make you look and feel good at the same time??? Introducing a fitness brand that not only inspires women to take control of our bodies, but gives us a reason to look good while doing it. GotyGoty Hotwear is a fitness clothing line designed to raise the wearer’s core body temperature for better results after working out. With top of the line material, GotyGoty produces quality products that makes buyers sweat more with every use, encouraging their bodies to get into shape or simply tone things up.

And it doesn’t stop there — When I came across this brand, the part that caught my attention immediately was the fact that you don’t have to necessarily workout to see results! As much as I would personally love to workout more, my schedule tends to get very busy and a lot of times, the only “hardcore workout I get in during the day is my early morning walk. Surprisingly enough, GotyGoty clothing also caters to the woman on the go. Whether you’re rocking a tank top, hot waist belt, or their exclusive hot pants, GotyGoty guarantees women a great sweat while wearing items from their fitness clothing  line.




The man behind the GotyGoty brand, Jesue Tin, takes pride in creating a line that is based not only on quality products, but also integrity and the desire to want to empower women World Wide. With a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Moncton University, located in New Brunswick east of Canada, and a undeniable vision, Jesue has created a business built specifically around helping others.bWe had the opportunity to speak with the owner himself, and here’s what he had to say about the upcoming brand:


What’s the meaning behind the name GOTYGOTY? Who chose it?

The name GOTYGOTY originates from a South Africa slang, the homeland of the Greatest and Famous Nelson Mandela (Madiba). GOTY means beautiful. GOTY also stands for Girl Of The Year. With GOTYGOTY, we are promoting the fact that every woman is born with outstanding beauties these qualities can very much be revealed when in they are dressed in our fitness and active wear clothings. GotyGoty fitness wear helps ladies gain control over their weight, size, and overall shape.

How did you all get started?

I started designing t-shirts in 2004 while I was still a university student. During more than ten in the design and marketing of sports and active wear, I came to an ultimate realization of just how hard people, particularly women, struggle to lose weight and to look and feel confident in themselves both internally and externally. This realization led to a passion to help find a solution to women’s struggle and to what became an intense three years of extensive research which ultimately inspired the creation of the GotyGoty Brand.

What separates your brand from other fitness clothing lines?

GotyGoty is a piece fitness cloth with a purpose. People buy our products because they want to sweat, burn calories, boost their workouts, or just stay warm. And when you get your GotyGoty gear you become a member of the GotyGoty family. GotyGoty members share their weight loss journey experience on our social media, they share weightloss tips, what they eat, and all sorts of motivational content. Our pants are priced for everyone, rich or poor you can afford them. Most of the fitness clothing lines   out there have one purpose: sell basic products and make profit.

 What’s been the hardest part about going into business for yourself?

Creating the business, getting all the legal documents together, and making the minimum vital product was not really difficult for me, but getting the first women to try the pants and sharing their real opinion was the hardest.

On your hardest days, what keeps you motivated to keep going???

Seeing comments and feedbacks of actual users of the GotyGoty pants motivate me a lot.

I get messages from women thanking me for creating these products, women seeing real results with their GotyGoty pants.

Why do you feel it’s important to Own Your Own? 

Owning my own business gives me freedom, it make me believe that everything is possible. It also make me work harder and carry on with big goals every day.

If you had one piece of advice for fellow entrepreneurs, what would it be?

They should believe in what they are doing, work hard and never give up.



What I love most about this brand are the genuine intentions of why this line was created — The desire to encourage women to feel beautiful inside and out. Coming from a male in such a large and dominant industry, it’s refreshing to see a man want to encourage women to take pride in their appearance, rather that exploit them sexually for attention. With that empathetic mission and incredible designs to match, how could you object to supporting a brand with such a passionate message behind it???

New year, new goals, so you can bet that GotyGoty Hotwear has much more in store for their customers! In addition to offering incredible fitness wear, they are launching the GotyGoty foundation in 2016 with the aim to send more non-educated African children to school. A percentage of all sales will be donated to the foundation for this purpose. For a limited time, they also have a sale going on for 50% OFF of all items on their website! Take advantage of the opportunity to make changes for the better and try out their products. 2016 is here, and with GotyGoty Hotwear, we guarantee you won’t want to miss a move!

Check out their full line of Workout Wear by clicking the link below, plus watch a few testimonials from new buyers who are now proud members of the GotyGoty family.

– Written By Monique Dee

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