Amber Rose Gets TV Show & Kardashians Sends Cease & Desist

Amber Rose & Blac Chyna’s reality MTV series have been greenlit.

Apparently the Kardashian’s aren’t happy about it and sent them a cease and desist

Radaronline reports:

When Rose and Blac got word of the TV family’s threat, the source tells Radar exclusively, “Amber told them via phone call with one of the sisters that she ‘does not ‘give a f*ck’ what they do because she and Blac Chyna have the freedom to say and do ‘whatever they want.’”

They are sick of the fact that the Kardashians think that they can say and hurt anyone and no one says anything back to them. Amber told her straight up that they will never be silenced,” the source adds.

I gave @blacchyna that look like " Imma take yo lil ass upstairs and wear u out" 😂 💦💦💦💦

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Source: Amber Rose TV Show — Kardashians Threats | Radar Online

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