Is Sexting Helpful For Your Relationship?

Researchers at Drexel University did a study 870 adults in a relationship found that their relationship could benefit from Sexting!

  • 88% of adults admit to sexting
  • 74% of adults said they sexted when they were in a committed relationship
  • 43% said sexted during casual relationship
  • 12% sexted with someone else while cheating on their partner

Researchers found sext messages to be extremely beneficial for those in casual relationships!

Not as helpful to couples in long term relationships.


The reason is: People who are in a good relationship, who have good sex, don’t need to find other venues to turn each other on.

BUT the people in the “in between phase” in the midst of breaking up or turning into a long term relationship, they need some extra help.


Of Course, Dr. Kuranksy says: It’s just a modern version of phone sex and is healthy! As long as you are not doing it with an anonymous person or behind your partner’s back then it shouldn’t be a problem!


Also, they said, a quarter of those surveyed said they shared the Sext Message with three of their friends!



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