Ebony Magazine: Tina Knowles Speaks on Sex Life, Jay-Z telling her to Date Younger and Solange

Tina Knowles KILLED the cover of Ebony Magazine.

Beyonce’s mom is who is 61, undoubtedly let the world know that it is she, who created America’s sweetheart and queen of the gays and beyhive.

The Ebony interviews delves deep into Tina’s life, her divorcing her long time husband after his extramarital affair, and getting remarried in April, on her being a fashionista and Jay-Z telling her to date younger men!

In the interview she states:

“Our sex life is active; it’s really good,” Tina tells Ebony magazine. But Matthew is “family to this day.”

Tina on Solange, “She is tough, but I have seen her completely give up her life to take care of somebody she loves.”

To see more pics of Beyonce’s mommy click here

The July issue of EBONY is on newsstands now!


Introducing our July 2015 #SexyForever cover, featuring the wonderful, the fabulous, Mrs. Tina Knowles-Lawson!

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