Miguel Reveals His Craziest Sexual Experience & Possible D*** Slip

Miguel surprised Nessa today on her birthday and stuck around to have a good conversation about his new music, long term relationship, and even got a chance to give out some good sex advice for the listeners.

He also addressed some rumors that have been going around lately. As for a musical movie with John Legend being in the works he admitted he only had one meeting with his production company.

“I don’t know anything about that.”

After two years, Miguel is also getting sued for his infamous Billboard Awards performance where his stage jump didn’t quite go as planned. Although he doesn’t have much information about it, he is curious on why it took two years.

“I’m just finding out about everything,” he said. I do find it interesting the timing about it.”

He’s been going out with his girlfriend Nazanin Mandi for about ten years now, but they are continuing to build their relationship on their terms without the pressure of a ring.

“We don’t count the breaks,” he said. “But i will say we grown together for 9 years. One break was for a year. We didn’t really talk at all.”

Miguel also broke down the rumors around whether he had a little d*** slip, while spending some time sharing his craziest sexual experience.

6Look out for his album Wildheart is scheduled to drop this Summer.

Check out the full interview below.



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