Jamie Foxx Clears Up Bruce Jenner Joke & Gives Personal Advice To Chris Brown

After five years, Jamie Foxx is gearing up to get back into the music scene with his new album.

He sat down with Nessa to speak about the album which is to be called Hollywood, which is influenced from a recent relationship he had where he had a 103 fever yet his girlfriend still wanted to go to a premiere.

Foxx, who has his close friend Chris Brown featured on  his first single “You Changed Me,” revealed that they have talked about some of his mistakes, and shared that he was impressed with Brown after bringing his daughter with him to the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

“I know the Chris who comes around unannounced and dances around with the sister who has down syndrome for hours,” he said.

Foxx also revealed one of the biggest pieces of advice he has given the singer in the past.

“A lot of people want to see you crash and burn,” he said. “People lie to you Chris. People will tell you it’s all good and it ain’t all good. I’ll tell you it’s all bad and it’ll get good.”

As for his controversial joke about Bruce Jenner, he explained why he decided not to release a statement to apologize.

“I’m not going to release a statement because I do jokes,” he said. “And you can’t put comedians in the same bowl as CNN, FOX, you can’t do that. We do jokes. I didn’t see that joke as being any more relevant than the joke I did about Suge [Knight].”

Foxx also shared some insight into some of his classic parties in Los Angeles in which Missy Elliott, Diddy, would join a then little known Jay Z, and The Neptunes.

Hollywood will be released May 18.

Watch the full interview below.


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