Tinashe Clears Up Iggy vs Nicki Rumors & Shares Her Craziest DM’s

Tinashe came back to Hot 97 with a fresh new hair style to visit Nessa for a conversation about her tour, what she looks like in men, and shared some of her craziest DM’s.

With her latest EP out in Amethyst, the singer explained what the stone meant to her.

“The birthstone of people born in February,” she said. “Which kind of goes hand and hand with the whole Aquarius theme, my kind of star signed theme.”

She has also been enjoying tourlife as she has been on the road opening up for Nicki Minaj, but she explained the confusion between the original announcement to tour with Iggy Azalea.

“I was initially confirmed to go on tour with Iggy this summer, she said. “And then she postponed the tour. Totally unreleated, I didn’t even know about the Nicki Minaj tour yet. I had prior commitments in the fall, and I wasn’t able to go on tour with her in the fall.”

While she’s looking for an ambitious, supportive, and laid back man in her life, she has had all kind of guys hopping in her direct messages, she revealed that she had some crazy ones.

“I just never look at them,” he said. “Unless you’re asking for it, it is actually very jarring and like whoa!”

You can catch her latest EP Ametyst here.

Check out the full interview below.


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