Snoop Calls Hot 97 and Goes IN Defending Nessa!

An innocent conversation got a bit interesting this morning for Hot 97 on Ebro in the Morning, as Ebro spoke to Rosenberg comparing whose time was better spent in Los Angeles covering the Grammys.

As Laura Stylez came to Rosenberg’s defense, Ebro tried to pin the two girls against each other. Then Snoop Dogg, who had just touched down in NYC and was listening to Hot 97, called in and things got every more interesting with Snoop going on a heated rant shouting, “Hot 97 ain’t got no love for Dr. Dre and Snoop and Nessa? Well let it be known then!” Reminiscent of his rant at the Source Awards 20 years ago. After that Nessa called in and things REALLY got real.

Should we Blame Ebro?


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