Ne-Yo Talks Music, Relationships & Kanye’s BET Honors Diss

Ne-Yo didn’t let the snow stop his grind, as he traveled to Hot 97 to visit Nessa during her first week to promote his new album Non-Fiction.

With his latest music being based on real situations in his life, Nessa and DJ Enuff dug in a little deeper to try and get a deeper understanding on some of the experiences that influenced this album.

The r&b singer reveals that he is in a relationship.

“I can’t call the album Non-Fiction and get to lying.”

He admitted that he was a bit annoyed when he was called backstage to get ready to perform at the BET Honors before Kanye West spoke about all the broke guys his wife Kim Kardashian dated before him.

“I was a little mad, because I knew he was going to say something that was a bit noteworthy. Everybody geared up for him to say something, because he wouldn’t be Kanye West otherwise.”

Speaking of Kanye West, Ne-Yo is looking to work with him some more in the future. Not only him, but Jay Z, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and more.



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